How To Win His Heart Back

Winning back the heart of an ex boyfriend or husband is a mater of showing them how you have been able to change anything that may have contributed to the end of a relationship.

Most men will leave a relationship in the event that it becomes either stale or claustrophobic. Both of these are able to be addressed in order to begin a new relationship with an ex and to ensure it does not end in a similar fashion to the first.

Before you begin the process of winning his heart back, take some time to determine what changes you will have to make to ensure the relationship will work a second time around. If you do not think these changes will be sustainable, it is not a good idea to try and get your ex back, as the new relationship will have the same problem as the old one and will only result in further heartbreak down the track for both you and your ex.

If you feel the necessary changes are sustainable, begin by contacting your ex. Initial contact should not be about the end of the relationship, feelings or the fact that you want him back. Simply contact him to enquire after his well being.

Slowly build up contact and when appropriate, invite him to participate in an activity that you used to enjoy as a couple. Participating in an activity together will allow him to see what he is missing out on and will remind him of the good times you may have shared together.

During your times together be sure to show him the efforts you have taken to change anything in your power that may have affected your relationship. Be sure to remain confident and independent, do not scare your ex any further away by becoming clingy and obsessing over reasons why the relationship ended in the first place.

Be sure to maintain your fitness (or improve upon it if you have previously let yourself go). This will serve two purposes. Firstly it will gain the attention of your ex in a positive way and secondly, it will gain the attention of other males. Nothing will make your ex want you back more than knowing that other men desire you. Do not act on the attention given to you by other males, as this will only drive your ex further away, instead, acknowledge it, however focus your attentions on your ex partner.



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