How To Win An Ex Back

The process of winning your ex back will vary depending on whether you are trying to regain the affections of a male or a female.

Women will leave a relationship if their emotional needs are not being met, therefore getting back with an ex girlfriend or wife will require you to appeal to a woman’s emotional side. Men will leave a relationship if it becomes monotonous or claustrophobic. For this reason getting back with a male partner will require you to show them that you have changed and that the relationship will be different.

In both cases, you will begin by allowing a small amount of time before contacting your ex again. After this initial contact, you will be required to slowly increase the frequency with which you are contacting your ex.

For men, you will be aiming to show your ex that you do value and respect her feelings and opinions by remaining attentive and listening to what she has to say. This will also provide you with an opportunity to identify any nonverbal cues she may be giving you.

For women, spending time with your ex is a chance to get him involved in activities you may have previously enjoyed as a couple. This will ensure he knows what he is missing out on by not being in the relationship and will also remind him of how much fun the two of you may have had together. This will be the time in which to show him the efforts you have made to improve upon a possible future relationship. Avoid discussing the end of your relationship and refrain from constantly asking about his feelings, as this will only serve to scare him away.

The following will apply to everyone who find themselves in a situation in which they want to win their ex back. If you have previously let yourself go (i.e. have allowed your fitness to diminish) be sure to make the effort to improve your fitness and get yourself back into shape. Nothing will make your ex notice you more than seeing your physical appearance enhanced.

Any changes you make in an attempt to revive a relationship with your ex must be maintained in a new relationship. Failure to maintain these changes will only result in the end of your new relationship and consequent heartache for both parties. Ensure all possible changes are sustainable before attempting to win back your ex.



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