How To Stop A Break Up

Preventing a break up requires careful consideration to be given to your own feelings and the feelings of your partner.

To prevent a break up from ever occurring, you must ensure that you are capable of providing your partner with everything they require from a relationship.

For men, this means listening and paying attention got your female partner. Not only will this show them that you genuinely care about their feelings and opinions (thus fulfilling their emotional requirements), it will also aid you in identifying any nonverbal cues they may be giving you, thus you are able to adapt and meet any extra requirements they may have.

For women, it is important to avoid constantly nagging your man or letting the relationship become monotonous. Many men leave a relationship as they feel claustrophobic (from excessive nagging or an emotionally clingy woman) or they get tired or bored with a relationship. Make the effort to be spontaneous and exciting in the relationship, and minimize the amount of nagging. Whilst women look upon nagging as a means of bettering their partner, men do not appreciate the concern.

In any relationship, fights are bound to occur. Whether the fight is over something significant; or over something small and insignificant that has been blown out of proportion, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible.

In the event of a fight, refrain from leaving the room and your partner and allowing the issue to fester. If you really feel you need some time out, allow yourself a short period of alone time (no longer than twenty minutes). After this, take time to discuss the issue at hand. Remember to try to look at the issue form both views.

Try to find a way of resolving the issue. In many cases, this may require some form of compensation- something you should be willing to do for a person you truly love.

Be sure to discuss all aspects of the issue that is bothering you. Once you have discussed this, it is time to apologize. Remember, whilst it is important to apologize, it is also important to receive an apology graciously.

In any relationship there are the feelings of two individuals to consider. By making an effort to consider the feelings and emotions of your partner, and attempting to meet their needs in any way possible, you will ensure a healthy relationship and decrease the chances of a break up occurring.



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