How To Make Up After A Fight

The ability to make up after a fight is extremely important in maintaining a relationship. There are many different ways of making up after a fight.

After a fight, avoid running away and not talking about the issue at hand. This will only prolong the fight and any negative feelings you may hold. If you really feel that you need some time to think, take a short period of time (no more than twenty minutes) to gather our thoughts and calm down before discussing the issue in detail.

If it is possible, try to send some sort of signal that despite being mad with your partner, you still love them. It is important to remember that even though you are mad with them you do still love them and it is important for them to know this too.

As soon as possible, discuss the issue that you are fighting about. Remember to try and see it from both points of view. It is also important to keep in mind that your anger may be distorting the issue and making it seem larger than it really is.

Be sure to discuss your feelings and expectations in full; if you hold anything back, this will only result in the inability to fully resolve the issue and will only leave you feeling bitter and angry at your partner. Be sure that you allow them time and space in which to tell you everything that is bothering them. Try to stay calm and rationale during this point in time.

Accept that you are partly responsible for the fight occurring (remember, it takes two to tango) and discuss ways in which you can fix the issue that is causing the fight. The most important part in getting over an issue is to find a way of compromising- something that must often be done when one is in a relationship.

Focusing on what is making you angry will allow you to resolve the issues that are causing you and your partner to fight. After you have resolved or found some form of compromise for these issues, you will then be able to apologize to your significant other. Apologize after you have worked through these issues, as opposed to apologizing during your discussions. This will allow you to effectively concentrate on their feelings, as you have already dealt with your own.

Remember, in any relationship there are two people, your feelings are not the only feelings to be aware of. It is important to work through issues as soon as they arise, so as not to let the sit and fester, thus ruining the relationship.



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