How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

There are a variety of reasons men may leave a relationship. These reasons may include feeling claustrophobic due to an emotionally clingy woman, or being over the relationship in general and feeling as though they need some ‘single’ time.

In order to get your ex boyfriend back, you must be willing to take responsibility for the things in the relationship that you may be able to change for the better.

After a break up it is important to allow your ex boyfriend sufficient space in order to come to terms with what has happened. After you feel an appropriate amount of time has passed, begin by casually contacting him.

Slowly build up this contact until you feel confident enough to invite him on an outing.

Select the type of outing carefully, it should be something that the two of you used to enjoy as a couple. This will serve to remind him of how good the relationship could be and will also show him what he is missing out on.

Slowly increase the frequency of such outings and during your time together be sure to show him how hard you have tried to change anything that may have caused problems in your former relationship.

Remember to act attentive, yet casual. Refrain from asking him about his feelings or about the end of the relationship, as this will only serve to frustrate him and increase any feelings of claustrophobia he may have had. Instead, focus on the present and ensure the time you spend together is happy and carefree. Give him a reason to enjoy spending time with you.

If you previously let yourself go in the relationship, be sure to make the effort to get back into shape. All men appreciate a good body, and this will have the added benefit of gaining you the attention of other males. Whilst you should not act on this attention, it will appeal to your ex boyfriends protective side, and he will not like seeing other men giving you attention.

After sufficient time has elapsed, one of you may point out that it might be worth trying the relationship again. Your ex boyfriend should be more than happy with this decision, having seen the changes that you have made that will benefit the relationship.

Depending on the person, a talk may not be necessary, instead you may find that you have simply re-entered a relationship without either party being required to talk about it. Each situation will vary so it is up to you to decide the course of action you will take.



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