How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Mending a broken heart is a process that takes time and some effort. Unfortunately there is no quick fix.

The emotional pain caused by a broken heart is extremely painful. Allow yourself to cry in order to alleviate some of this pain. Many people refrain from crying as they believe it to be a sign of weakness, however this is not the case. Crying is actually an emotional reaction of the body aimed at ridding us of unwanted feelings, so grab some tissues and have a cry. Let all of those feelings to make room for te new and better ones to come.

One of best thing you can do in order to mend a broken heart is to avoid your ex partner for a period of time. Whilst this may sound childish, it is important to remember that this is a necessary step for your recovery, so completely avoid seeing or contacting them in any way to prevent the upraise of feelings that may make you do something you regret later.

It may also be a good idea to store away any mementos of the relationship, such as pictures, presents or anything else that may remind you of your ex partner. Having these in sight will only cause you to constantly think about the relationship and yearn to be back in it.

Take some time for you; do something you enjoy, spend time with friends or try something new. This will provide you with a distraction in order to prevent you obsessing over the end of your relationship. Eventually you will find that you no longer think about the relationship, regardless of whether a distraction is present or not.

Spending time with your friends may provide you with an opportunity with which to discuss your feelings. It is important to do this at some stage so as to understand the situation and your feelings completely, in order to move on and allow your heart to mend. This will also provide an opportunity for your friends to give you some advice.

Finally, remember to look forward to the future. Rather than obsessing over the loss of the relationship, look upon it as a new beginning and a chance for change. Think about the future and how the break up may benefit your future, think about all the positive changes that you will be able to make and start setting some goals.



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