Get Back Together With An Ex

Before you make an attempt at getting back with your ex, you must accept the fact that some changes may have to be made in order to ensure a successful relationship a second time around. Think about changes that might possibly be made and ensure they will be sustainable before proceeding any further. If you do not feel that the changes will be sustainable, refrain from attempting to get back together with your ex.

The initial step of getting back with your ex is to contact them. If you have previously hurt them, initial contact will involve an apology. If they have hurt you, initial contact is slightly more simple, and will only involve an inquiry as to their well being. Form initial contact, the frequency of further contact should slowly be increased.

The next steps will vary according to whether your ex is a males or a female.

In order to get back together with a female ex, you will have to appeal to her feelings and emotions, are these are generally what drive females. To do this you will have to show her that you do value and care for her feelings and opinions by remaining attentive and listening to what she has to say. Ensure that your interests in her opinions are genuine and valued. This will also provide you with an opportunity to identify any nonverbal signs she may be giving you. Remember, what she does not say can be just as important as what she does say. Many men struggle with providing sufficient emotional support to females, without coming across as a ‘wuss’. To prevent yourself from being portrayed as such, remain attentive, yet slightly detached.

In order to get back together with a male ex, ensure you invite him on an outing in which he will be able to participate in an activity you may have enjoyed previously as a couple. This will allow him to see what he is missing out on by not being with you and will remind him how good your relationship used to be. Use this time to show him how much effort you have put into changing things that may have previously affected your relationship.

For any changes that are made when attempting to reunite your ex and yourself, be sure these continue into your new relationship. Failure to do so will only result in the relationship ending for a second time and thus will cause further heartache for yourself and your partner.



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